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Some more kozukattai recipes for you!

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Hope you all enjoyed the Rava kozukattai recipes.  Now the Varalakshmi Vratham is on its way and here are some Rice kozukattai Recipes for you. One more receipe and that will be shared in a day or two.

Now we we will prepare this kozukattai with rice flour. There are two ways to make the rice flour. One is battering, no, no, not that type of battering you think. :D This is beating the soaked rice in a mixie jar. The other is powdered rice. You can choose it according to your taste and convenience. For me battered rice flour is easy to cook. But I will give you both the preparations here. OK.  Now the ingredients are:

Raw Rice 200 gms.  Clean it with cold water and soak in the water for atleast 2 hours. For coconut pooranam the same thing is going to be done as we saw in the Rava kozukattai .We are now going to prepare some salted pooranam also.

Salted Pooranam with urad dhal

For that take one small cup Urad Dhal, 
that is black gram dhal(without the skin) and soak it in the water after cleaning it. Put it aside. Now prepare coconut pooranam and let it cool. Now take the Urad dhal and remove the water and put it in the mixie jar, add 4 red chillies, one small green chilly, salt to taste and hing(asafetida). Grind it to a paste like vada mavu. 

Take a Kadai or Idli pan pour some water in it and let it boil. Put the grinded paste in a bowl and steam it. After steaming remove it and temper it with mustard seeds and Kadi paththa(curry leaves)crush it with a spatula. 

Now take the rice and if you want it to be powdered remove water atleast half an hour before you are going to grind it. Put the rice in a mixie jar and grind it for one or two minute.  Remove tha jar and put the powdered rice in a sieve and extract the fine powder with the help of the sieve. Make all the soked rice in this method and you can get fine rice powder. Measure the rice powder with a measuring cup.  If it is 2 cups then put 2 cups of water in a thick bottomed vessel and add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of gingley oil.  Let it boil. While boiling add the powder slowly, continuously stirring the dough. Stir for another 2 to three minutes. The white colour will change. Now remove the dough from the vessel and blend it well with a wooden spoon.  

Take some oil or ghee in a small cup. Put the oil in both hands and make small balls from the dough and make it like a cup.  Fill the coconut pooranam, and after preparing 10 to 15 kozukattais put it in the Idli pan and steam it for 2 or 3 minutes. Remove it from the pan.  And prepare the Urad dhal pooranam also in this method. But while filling it is to be closed horizontally like this.


And also we can prepare this kozukattai with Gingley pooranam and Bengal gram pooranam.

Gingley pooranam:  Take on small cup gingley wash it and drain the water.  Fry the gingley in a kadai without adding oil. While splitting remove it and add the same quantity of jaggery powder, and cardamom powder. Make it kozukattais and enjoy.

Bengal gram pooranam: Take one small cup of Bengal gram, fry it in a pan without adding oil and remove it and soak in water. After two hours drain the water and grind it with jaggery powder and add cardamom powder. Fill it in the already prepared rice dough cups and steam it.

The other method of making the dough is grind the rice with small quantity of water. Let the batter be like idli mavu.  Heat the thick bottomed pan and pour one cup water and add pinch of salt and gingeley oil. So the dough will not be sticky. After the water boiled pour the batter slowly continuously stirring the dough. After the colour is changed remove it from the fire and blend it well. You can make small cups from this and fill the pooranam and steam it.

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