Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kozhukkattai for Pillaiyar!

Hi All,

How do you do? In this blog I am going to post cooking recipes.  It may be south indian, may be north indian. It may be traditional cooking, it may be non traditional.  Anything you want. But pure vegetarian only. Will give it one by one. Already I am writing a blogpost about cooking in Tamil in the name சாப்பிடலாம் வாங்க! If you are fluent in Tamil, you can go and read there.

This is taken on 2012 Pillaiyar Chathurthi Day.

First we will start it with Kozukattai for Lord Vinayagar.

This is somewhat easy making. Hope for you also it will be easy.

rava 1/4 kg,
one small cup milk,
pinch of salt to taste.

for filling: 
small coconut 1
 jaggery powdered one small cup,
cardamon powder 1/4 teaspoon.

first fry the rava in a pan for 5 minutes. let it cool and make powder in a mixie jar. add salt and mix it with the milk and make a  soft dough, and keep it aside for atleast one hour.

In the mean time, broke the coconut into two halves and grate it with a grater. Put the grated coconut in a thick bottomed pan and add the powdered jaggery. mix it well with a spoon or spatula. slowly it will mix well and your pooranam is ready. now let it cool for atleast 10 minutes and add cardamon powder to the pooranam and mix it well.

now take the dough and make small balls like gooseberries. Prepare small cups with the balls and fill it with the already prepared pooranam. close it like modhakam.

Put the pan or kadai in the stove and add cooking oil for deep frying. Let the oil boil for sometime and by simmering the stove remain it just below the boiling point. Put the filled modhakams 2 or three at a time and deep fry them till it becomes golden brown. Remove the modhakams and put it in a colander and drain the oil.  Keep it in a closed tin.

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