Thursday, June 27, 2013

kabuli chana masala without onion.

We Indians will observe fast often. While fasting we won't eat onion or garlic. So here is a recipe without onion or garlic. A suitable side dish for chapathi or roti or parota.  Try this one and enjoy.


1/4 KG Kabuli chana,
Potato big size one

For grinding:

green chillies, 2 or 3
finely chopped green coriander leaves one table spoon,
ginger 1/2 inch
cardamom one or two.(if it is big cardamom one is enough)
cloves one or two
tomato 2 big size
Pomogranate seeds two teaspoon,

Tamarind one small lemon size(extract juice)
Jaggery powder two teaspoon
salt to taste
chilli powder one teaspoon
dhaniya powder one teaspoon
turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon
asafoetida(optional) 1/4 teaspoon
Fried Jeera powder one teaspoon
cooking oil  two table spoon
sugar one teaspoon

Wash and Soak dhal overnight. Next morning again wash the dhal and  from that take two teaspoons of soaked dhal and keep it aside. Boil the remaining dhal till it become soft.  Boil the potato and remove the skin from it and cut it into small pieces. Grind all the ingredients except chilli powder, dhaniya powder, turmeric powder and jeera powder. grind into fine paste.

Put a thick bottomed pan or kadhai in a stove and pour one tablespoonfull of cooking oil. Heat the oil and add sugar first and after the sugar melted, add cumin seeds. Adding sugar will give a special flavour to the masala. While it is splittering add turmeric powder, chillie powder, dhaniya powder and mix it well with the oil. If the mixture need more oil add some more oil and add the grinded paste and fry till the oil removes from the gravy. Now add the already boiled Kabuli chana, tamarind juice, and boiled potato.  Add required salt. Let it boil for some time and while the gravy is thick, add jaggery and boil for a minute.  Remove it from the fire and add jeera powder and garnish with coriander leaves and pudina(mint) leaves. Your gravy is ready to eat with your phulka roti or parota.

If you want onion very badly, take one onion and chop them finely.  Garnish the finely chopped onion over the chana dhal gravy. You can add sev also with them.

Special Thanks to Google for the picture.  Will add my own picture afterwards. 

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