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Keerai Vadai! (spinach or greens)

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We will make keerai vadai now. Vadai is a famous snack in Southern parts of India and people or making vadai with the mixed dhals or in Uradh dhal only. Now we are going to learn how to prepare keerai vadai with urad dhal.Mostly Keerai vadais are tea time snacks.  Usually we use arai keerai or siru keerai for making keerai vadai! But now people are living all over the world and they won't get arai keerai or siru keerai! You can easily get spinach or other green which is called as amaranth. (Green and red leaves are seen)

amaranth க்கான பட முடிவு

amaranth: Photo Courtesy: Google

arai keerai க்கான பட முடிவு

arai keerai Photo Courtesy: Google

siru keerai க்கான பட முடிவு

siru keerai Photo Courtesy: Google

Now the ingredients for keerai vadai approximately for four persons

One full Cup Urad dhal

one teaspoon Thur dhal, one teaspoon Bengal gram.

Split Urad dhal one table spoon

cooking oil for deep frying

Clean and wash the dhals in a bowl and soak them for atleast 2 hours. Some are using whole white urad dhal. Some are using split urad dhal. But we are going to use both of them. Just wait and see.

For grinding

2 green chillies and 2 red chillies according to your taste

salt as required, hing (optional) You can use hing powder also.

While the dhals are soaking you can clean and cut the greens.  Keep it aside. Wash and soak the split urad dhal before grinding the soaked dhal.

Now draing the soaking water and add the dhal in the mixie jar along with chilles and salt. Add a pinch of hing. Grind it to a smooth paste. Normally you cannot add water while grinding. If necessary add one or two teaspoons.  The texture should be thick. Now add the split urad dhal and grind it coarsely. Or you can put the dhal directly to the grinde texture and mix them well. This is the main secret of crispy and crunchy vadas.  Some people like to add the green chillies along with the chopped keerai. But it may be very hot to young children who wants to take one or two vadai! So it is better to grind the chillies with the dhal itself.

Now add the keerai and mix well. If you like onion cut one onion into small pieces and add them also. Normally while adding keerai we used to avoid adding coriander leaves or curry leaves. But it is optional.

Heat the oil in a kadai till it is hot. Now shape the vadais with your hands by dipping them in water. You can shape it in your palm or in a plastic sheet or in a plantain leaf which one is easy for you. Take a gooseberry size of batter and flatten it as a thin round.  Put a hole in the centre. Gently remove the vada and add it to the heating oil. Put the vada one by one by the same method.

Let the vada cook till it become really golden brown in colour. The vadai should be crispy. It will take some time to cook. So patiently wait for them to cook at least 5 to 6 minutes for one batch. When the vada is really golden in colour remove it from the stove and put it in a bowl. Serve hot with coconut chutney, Pudhina chutney and Masala Tea.

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