Monday, June 11, 2018

Mango Rice!

Hi all!  This is mango season and I come up with a recipe from raw mango! This is very simple. You can prepare this like lemon rice also. But in this recipe I am going to give you some new taste. Now prepare the ingredients for the Mango rice. This is for 4 people.

One Raw mango Peel the skin and grate the mango using a box grater. Keep it aside.


For grinding

2 or 3 green chillies ( you can add or reduce according to your taste.)

Ginger one inch piece

grated coconut two table spoons

Jeeragam /cumin seeds one teaspoon

For tempering

Gingley oil (it is good to use gingley oil for this. If not available use any edible oil)

Mustard seeds one teaspoon

Urad dhal one teaspoon

chana dhal one teaspoon

Peanuts  one tablespoon full

hing (use elaborately if powder) if it is hard then take a pepper size

Turmeric powder

Red chilly 2 nos.

Kadi paththa (curry leaves)

cooked rice 2 cups

 Now grind the green chillies, ginger, cumin seeds with the grated coconut. Keep it aside.

Heat a kadai and pour the oil. When the oil begins to become hot add mustard seeds, and urad dhal, chana dhal one by one. Let them get brown. Add the peanuts also. Make sure the heat is in medium. Roast the peanuts till they become light brown. Add red chillies and curry leaves. Now add the grinde paste and stir well.  While stirring add turmeric powder and hing powder. If the hing is solid add it in the beginning before adding mustard seeds. Now gently stir the paste for 30 seconds. Now add the grated mango and salt. Fry it for atleast two minutes till the oil comes out. The mango will be well cooked and tender.

Just keep some quantity of mango paste aside.

Now remove the kadai from the stove and add the cooked rice and stir gently.  Mix it till  rice get yellow in colour. Put it in the stove and cook for another one minute. Turn off the stove.

I prepared Kadi (without cooking) for the side dish of this mango rice. To prepare Kadi instantly you can fry 2 red chillie, hing one small piece, thur dhal one teaspoon, chana dhal one teaspoon, dhania seeds 2 teaspoons, curry leaves, coconut grated two teaspoons.

Fry all the ingredients in  cooking oil . Let it cool. In the meantime take one cup of curd and gently churn it and make sure there is no lumps. Add turmeric powder and salt. Now grind the fried ingredients into a smooth paste and mix well with the curd already prepared. Temper with mustard   methi and curry leaves. Do not heat it in the stove. You can take it as it is. This will match with any thuvaiyal rice, lemon rice, podi rice also.  In tamil we used to call this as "pachchai morkuzampu" that means without heating the gravy. If you do not have coconut then you can prepare it without coconut also. Just fry the chillies and dhals with hing and curry leaves and grind it to a smooth paste and mix well with the curd. After tempering it is ready to eat.

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