Monday, January 29, 2018

sakkarai pongal!

Hi All,

Now we are going to prepare sakkarai pongal! Hahaa, I know you all are wondering why it is necessary after the celebration of Pongal!  No, it is not like that. You can cook Pongal especially sakkarai pongal any day! Because we love it!

Now the ingredients for sakkarai pongal for 4 persons

one cup raw rice

half cup Moong dal (yellow)

Milk with fat half a litre.

Jaggery powder  2 to 3 cups(according to your taste. if it is from sugarcane then the taste is assured)

Cardamom powder one full teaspoon

ghee 200 grams

cashewnuts, kishmish or dried grapes, raisins

if you like the aroma then you can add edible camphor and nutmeg powder.

Now take a kadai and heat it in the stove. First add the Moong dhal and fry till it turns to fragrant. Remove it and keep aside. Then add the Raw rice and fry it for 2 minutes and remove it and keep it in another vessel.

Now take a thick bottomed vessel. I used to cook in bronze metal /gun metal pot. But it is not used by youngsters now-a-days. So if it is convenient for you to cook in a cooker take a cooker. First pour the milk and two tablespoons ghee. Wash the moong dal and put it in the cooker. Do not pressure cook! After the dal half cooked wash the rice and add it! Put a bowl full of water on the cooker and cover it.  It will become hot slowly.  Add that water little by little whenever it is necessary! After it is fully cooked add the jaggery powder! Let it cook for another 20 minutes. The consistency will become thick and begin to bubble up well. Now off the stove. In a small kaday Heat the remaining ghee and add cashewnuts, raisins one by one. Add them to the pongal. And add the cardamom powder along with the edible camphor powder and nutmeg powder(if necessary) Serve hot pongal to the members of your family.

If you want to pressure cook then add the moong dhal and rice add 3 cups of water and cook for two whistle or till it become soft. When the pressure is down remove the lid and add the half litre milk and let it cook for another 10 minutes or till the mixture is mashed well. Now add the jaggery and cook for another 20 minutes! Or you can take another pan and make jaggery syrup and add it to the pongal. Blend them well till the bubbles come up well. Rest is like what is written in the previous paragraph!

Taste your pongal  and enjoy!

Pongal celebrations 2015 January

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