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Thiruvathirai Kali & Kuzambu

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It is a long time since we last met! Now the festival season started and I was too busy concentrating my ill health and I am improving slowly. So just thought about to write one or two seasons foods recipe. Here in India it is Margazhi i.e. Margasirsha month and it is very much auspicious for Lord Shiva and Maha Vishnu! The Star Ardhra  the sixth one falls on a full moon day in this month.This is very auspicious and our Rishis told Lord Shiva's cosmic dance was danced by him before Pathanjali and Vyagrapadha on this day! It was said that the Universe was created by Lord Shiva on this day. As Pathanjali and Vyagrapatha performed their penance in Thillaivanam, now called as Chidambaram, they were enlightened to see Lord Shiva's Cosmic dance. It is called anandha thandavam. It was a full moon day and the stars which were seen as fire sphere was Arudhra stars.

So every year in Chidambaram the Ardhra Darshan is being celebrated in a grand manner. The Ardhra Star group is connected with the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. People made Kali and Kuzambu for nivedhanam. Here I gave the recipies of Kali and Kuzambu!

திருவாதிரை களி, குழம்பு க்கான பட முடிவு

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Ingredients for Kali and kuzambu are as follows.

soak one cup rice in water for atleast 2 hours. Filter the water from the rice completely.

Heat the Kadai in the stove and fry the rice till it become golden brown. Let it cool for half an hour and grind it in a mixie jar like rava.

for one cup rice take one cup jaggery powder

cardamom powder half teaspoon

thur dhal soaked one tablespoon (soak the dhal for an hour before preparing kali)

ghee one table spoon and cashewnuts broken, fresh coconut grated or shredded coconut powder

Heat two to three cups of water in a non stick kaday or aliminium kaday. Here I used to make in (venkala uruli). wash the soaked dhal and remove water and add it to the boiling water. Add the jaggery powder. Let the jaggery dissolve completely in the water. Let it boil for some more time atleast 2,3 minutes. Then add the rice powder and stir well with a long spatula. cook it for 10 minutes till the rava become soft.

Now heat the ghee in another kaday and add cashewnuts till it become golden brown. Remove it and add it to the kali. Now fry the coconut powder in the same heated ghee in the same kaday. Add it to the kali. Add the cardamom powder and stir well. Serve hot with the kuzambu and butter.

Kali kuzambu

திருவாதிரை களி, குழம்பு க்கான பட முடிவு

Photo Courtesy: Google via Sashiga's kitchen

Baingan one

Raw banana one

Avarai kay and kothavarai kai  10 to 15 numbers each

sweet potato (if available) one

Parangi kay  one small piece

poosani kay one smaal piece

senai kizangu (there only frozen is available)

If you like you can add beans and carrot also. Do not add potato or Arvi(sepangizangu)

Thur dhal cooked one cup

Tamarind leman size. soak it and extract juice

salt to taste

Hing one small piece or powder half tea spoon

cooking oil one table spoon

For frying (masala)

Red chillies  4,5 numbers

Dhania two table spoons

Channa dhal two teaspoons

hing powder

Methi half teaspoon

urad dhal half teaspoon

Kala mirchi (pepper) half teaspoon

raw rice one teaspoon

coconut powder  one table spoon


Coconut oil if available or any cooking oil

Mustard seeds, one red chilly, Kadi paththa(for frying)

Fry all the ingredients in oil except coconut powder and grind to a paste or powder adding coconut powder.

Boil the vegetables and cook them first. Add turmeric powder and salt for the vegetables only.

While the vegetable half boiled add the tamarind juice, and the required salt for tamarind only. If you are confused in adding salt, then let the vegetables cooked without adding salt and add the required salt while adding tamarind juice.

Let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes and add the boiled and smashed thur dhal along with the grinded masala.  Let it boil for 5 more minutes. Temper with Mustard, kadi paththa and red chillies. Add the freshly chopped coriander leaves while serving. 

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