Saturday, November 2, 2013

some easy snacks ( namkeens )for you!

Bajji or Bajiya:

Besan  one cup

Maida  1/4 cup

Rice flour 1/4 cup

Chillie powder two teaspoons

Hing a pinch

Salt to taste

oil for frying

Water required quantity to make a batter. You can make bajjis with egg plant, ridge gourd(pudalai), raw plantain, onion, bajji chillies, cauliflower, potato and sometimes from baby corns also.

In a bowl mix all the flours adding chillie powder, hing and salt.  Add the water slowly to make a thick batter.The batter should be neither thick or thin.  So add the required quantity. Mix it with a spatula to get puffy bajjies.  Now prepare the vegetable.  If it is brinjal  or onion cut them into round slices. For the raw plantain remove the skin and cut lengthy slices.  If it is potato slice it thinly without removing the skin.

Now heat the oil in a kadai.  Check the oil by dropping a little batter in to the heated oil.  If the batter raises to the surface immediately, then the oil is ready to prepare bajjies.  Take a slice of any vegetable and dip it into the batter in such a way that it is well coated on all the sides. Put it in the heated oil simultaneously reducing the flame.  You can fry 3 or 4 bajjies at a time depending on the quantity of the oil used for frying.  Fry till it is golden brown on both sides and remove it and  put it in a colander(vadikatti). Prepare all the bajjies like this and serve hot with green chutney or coconut chutney.

Green chutney:  One bunch coriander leaves and pudina leaves

10 numbers green chillies

tamarind pepper size

salt to taste

hing a pinch

seasoning:  Mustard seeds, urad dhal, oil for seasoning one teaspoon

Wash, clean and cut the leaves and grind them with green chillies, tamarind, salt and hing. Grind to a fine paste.  Remove it and put in a bowl and season with mustard and urad dhal.  This will be a good combination for the bajjies.

Coconut chutney

Grated coconut   two table spoon

Green chillies 10 to 12 numbers

salt to taste


Pottukadalai(fried chana dhal)

Mix all the ingredients and grind them in to a fine paste. Remove and put in a bowl and season with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Serve with bajjies

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