Thursday, October 31, 2013

Diwali Recipe-- Rava Laddoo!

Hi All,

Now we are going to see some easy make sweet recipes for this Diwali. Of Course it is late.  But I have some other work also. So bear with me.  Now we will prepare Rava laddu for this Diwali in two easy ways.

For 20 laddus (lemon size) We require

Rava   one cup

Sugar one cup

grated coconut one cup

Cashewnuts 15 to 20 numbers

Raisins or Kishmish 15 to 20 numbers

Ghee  2 tablespoons

Cardamom powder one full teaspoon

Milk minimum 1/2 cup

Now pour one tablespoon ghee in a heated kadai and fry the rava till it changes colour and you will get a delicious smell also.  Keep it aside.

Grind the sugar in a mixie jar and keep it aside.

Now heat the remained ghee and roast the cashewnuts and raisins till the raisins puff up. Mix them with the rava.  Now fry the grated coconut in the same kadai for two minutes.  Add the fried rava and mix them well.  Slowly add the sugar also and fry for some more minutes.  Add the cardamom powder and switch off the fire and slowly add the milk little by little simultaneously mixing the ingredients well. If you are able to make laddoes then stop the milk. Let it cool for a minute.  After the heat becomes bearable make laddoes out of it.  Store them in a airtight container but you cannot keep it for a week or so because we add milk, so it can be stored for only 3 days and keep it in the refrigerator.

Another method:

Rava one cup (peni rava is suitable one)

Sugar one cup

cardamom powder one full teaspoon

cashewnuts and raisins 20 numbers each

Ghee one full cup.

Fry the rava in a kadai and grind it in a mixie jar to a coarse powder.  Grind the sugar in to a nice powder.  Mix the grinded rava and the sugar powder and add cardamom powder and mix well  with your hands.  Pour one tablespoon ghee in a kadai and roast the cashewnuts and raisins till the raisins puff up.  Now heat the remaining ghee well till the smoke comes from the ghee.  Switch off the fire and pour the hot ghee in the mixture and stir well with a long spatula.  Mix it well for two minutes.  Let it cool for another 5 minutes and make balls out of it. Your rava laddo is ready to it and you can keep it atleast for 15 to 20 days.

All of you Happy Diwali.

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