Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Come and eat adai! :))))

 Now we are going to learn how to prepare adai.  It is a spicy dosai in a way. But very delicious. There are two or more types in making adai. Will tell you one by one.

First we will prepare with boiled rice. Here the ingredients are given for four persons.


Boiled Rice 1 1/2 cup

Raw Rice  1 1/2 cup

Thur Dhal  One cup

Bengal gram 1/2 cup

Urad dhal    1/2 cup

Red chillies 6 to 10 numbers according to your taste.  You can increase or decrease the numbers.

Green chillies 2 or 3

Asafoetida (a must)

Salt to taste

curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnishing.

Oil for roasting

Wash and clean the rice and mix the two rices and soak it in water. Wash the dhals also.  Mix them all and soak them in water.  Thur dhal will give you colour and crispness for adai.  So increase the quantity or decrease according to your taste. After four hours it will be ready to grind.  Put red chillies, green chillies, salt and asafoetida powder and grind them first. You can grind it in a mixie or grinder.  It is your choice. After the chillies powdered add the rice first. Grind it coarsely. Now add the  soaked dhals.  It is convenient to grind in a grinder.  If the grinder is not available then grind it in a bigger mixie jar. After adding the soaked dhals grind it. It should not be a fine paste. It should be grinded coarsely.  Then remove and transfer the batter in to a bowl and add, curry leaves and coriander leaves.  Then you can prepare adai by spreading the batter in a tawa.

Heat the tawa and grease the tawa or non stick tawa. Then pour a ladle full of batter and spread the batter by swirling the tawa.  The consistency should be pouring and thick. After one side is cooked you need to cook the other side also. It can be suitable with Aviyal, Mor kuzambu, Vathal kuzambu and sambar. We will the preaprations of the above in another post.

Next Ekadasi adai:

This is especially for Ekadasi vratam.  Some people won't take boiled rice on ekadasi vratham. So this is for them, and we will also try it for a change.


Raw Rice 2 cups

Thur dhal one cup

Red chillies, 6 Nos.

green chillies 2 Nos

Salt to taste


Cooking oil

If you do not take red chillies or green chillies on ekadasi day then

Black Pepper one teaspoon

Jeera or cumin seeds one teaspoon

Ginger one inch

If you are preparing with black pepper and jeera then asafoetida is not necessary.

curry leaves and coriander leaves finely chopped

Wash and clean the rice and dhal and mix them together and soak it in water.  Let it be soaked for 2 or 3 hours. Then grind it coarsely adding Red chillies, green chillies, salt and asafoetida or black pepper, cumin seeds, salt and ginger. The consistency should be thick.  Add curry leaves and coriander leaves.

Heat the tawa and grease it with some oil.  Then dilute the batter by adding some water.  Pour the batter by swirling the tawa. Add the cooking oil. After one side cooked let the other side also cooked. Serve hot with jaggery powder, butter. Because people who is fasting on ekadasi would not take aviyal, vathal kuzambu and sambar.

Next also Raw rice adai.

 But you can add all dhals including moong dhal.

Raw rice 2 cups

Thur dhal 1/2 cup

chana dhal 1/2 cup

urad dhal    1/4 cup

Moong dhal  1/4 cup

Mix the rice and dhal together.  Wash, clean and soak them in water for atleast 4 hours.

Red chillies 6 to 8 according to your taste

Green chillies 2

salt to taste


Curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnishing

Shredded coconut powder 1/2 cup

Grind them in a mixie jar or in a grinder.  Add the coconut while grinding.  If you want the coconut powder to be seen in the adai then add the coconut powder after grinding.  Add curry leaves and coriander leaves. You can make adai by adding plantain flower, cabbage, murungkai keerai and all the other leaf vegetables and onion.

Have a nice time with adai.  See you.

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