Thursday, September 24, 2020

Traditional arai puli kuzambu!


Arai Puli kuzhambu. arai means half. So it means half tamarind kuzambu. Haahaahaa. But it is not like that. The tamarind juice should be watery. And the ingredients are different.  You cannot use all the vegetables for this kuzambu. Only particular vegetables like small yam, elephant yam, brinjal, sweet potato, pumpkin. Anyone of these. Cut the vegetable into pieces of an inch. If it is yam then cook it before making kuzambu. Cut them and put aside.

Ingredients: Tamarind one small lemon size, soaked in water and extract juice.

Salt to taste, sambar powder 2 two spoons, jaggery if needed,  I did not add jaggery

Other ingredients for tempering: Gingley oil one and half tablespoon
Mustard seeds, one teaspoon, urad dhal, chana dhal, thur dhal each one teaspoon,
Hing one small bit or one full teaspoon of hing powder, methi seeds optional
Turmeric powder half teaspoon, 
Soaked whole chana black and mochai each one teaspoon,
Coconut cut into pieces one table spoon,
2 Red chillies, acording to your taste
Curry leaves.

In the heated oil fry one papad(urad dhal) and put aside. Then if you have Kuzambu karuvadam deep fry them also and put aside with the fried papad.

Now take a thick bottom pan and put it in the stove. Pour the gingley oil. After the oil heated add the hing powder or solid hing bit. Then put the mustard seed, all the three dhals, and methi seeds(optional). If you did not soak the whole black chana and mochai in water then wash them and put them now in the oil along with the other ingredients. Let it crack. Add curry leaves. Put the coconut pieces and fry them till it become light brown.Add the cut vegetables and after frying them add the turmeric powder and sambar powder. Fry them for a minute and add tamarind juice. If you do not want to fry the sambar powder no problem. Add the tamarind water after adding turmeric powder and add the sambar powder now. It won't make any difference. Add salt to taste. The tamarind juice should be watery. Let it boil till the raw smell goes. After ten minutes the kuzambu will begin to thicken. Now if you like it add Jaggery. It is not necessary. Put off the stove and smash the fried papad into small pieces and add them in the kuzambu along with the kuzambu karuvadaam. If the kuzambu karuvadam or papad are not available then no problem. Just put off the stove and serve the kuzambu hot with rice or arisi uppumaa or pongal

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