Friday, November 4, 2016

Moongdhal laddu!

Here is some sweet for Diwali. Actually I was about to post it before Diwali.  But some other reason it didn't work out.

Now we will see about the Moong Dhal Ladus.

Moong Dhal whole 1/4 KG  fry it and powder it in a flour mill. Take 2 full cups of powder to prepare ladus.

Sugar powdered  4 cups, If you like more sweet add another one cup sugar powder

Cardamom powdered one teaspoon

Cashewnuts fried in ghee two table spoons or according to your taste

Pure Ghee   One full cup or 200 grams. I used Aavin Ghee for this.

Take a big bowl and mix the moong dhal powder and sugar powder. Heat ghee in a pan and add cashewnuts. Fry it till it become golden brown. Add in the mixture. Add cardamom powder also, Mix well. Heat the same pan and pour the ghee and let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes. When the ghee is ready pour the ghee in the mixture. Mix well. Let it cool for some time. Then make balls. Your moong dhal laddu is ready to eat. Keep it in a dry box. You can use it for atleast a month. It will not spoil!

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